My friend’s Dad



She told me her dad died

And I cried

Cried quiet, silent tears

For this burden my friend had to bear

I cried coz of new fears

I cried coz I cared.

Husband, Father, friend, Uncle, daddy dead.

My friend had lost her father dear

And I wasn’t there

To tell her I’m here

Cry dear cry.

Instead we exchanged phone calls with odd and awkward pauses

I didn’t know what to say as she tried to answer pleasantries

Logically thinking through her frail state of mind

My friend lost her dad and I wasn’t there

She sounded strong on the phone

But that’s what phones do right? make you sound phony

She was trying so hard to keep up appearances and it was working

But I’m not a stranger I wanted to be there

Wipe her tears

Say a prayer and just be near

My friend lost her dad and I’m still not there.







Bored out of my mind

Stealing time

Wasting time and getting paid for it

Cheating your boss but in actual terms

Cheating yourself

Am I deceiving myself?

Come to work early, on time, most times late

Only to leave on time, early or late

Work time, slack time

Nap time, snack time

Yet no time.

Subordinate to an insubordinate boss

Lost in a time warp

Searching for more

So much to do, so much time

But no game plan

No action plan

Only the illusion of a busy schedule

Doing some things, sometimes,

Most times, nothing.

Slouch, look at the time

Wince get paid.

I’m looking for something more than just pay

Looking for a way

My soul has a crave

But my will is not willing

She’s heavy, a sleep on her lap

The Conversation

The conversation

Let’s talk, she said “no more gossip like complains made to look like advice, self help medicine to poison the hearts of young mothers, old friends, distant relatives, neighbors”

Dem say, dem say what them no suppose say and you follow them say am

The unsavory morsels somehow reaches the ears of your sister’s-mother’s-aunty

Once heard a man say Nigeria’s money is running in the hands of young girls…runs girls

Stolen by men but by spent the women… end product

Miss- guided brainwashed or simply pushed by circumstance to

Use our bodies for black magic, white witched black magic tricks

Time ticks

Trickery between tights

The ugly price of lies

As little girls die

Their lives slip between their legs

The streams left in the open for all to sip and lick

Their dreams dimming with every passing moment

Where will she find peace?

Everybody wants a piece of her… body, spirit, and soul.

A piece of this elicit pie

Soul of a nation, pride of the land

Bearer of the family, knot of the tie

So important yet so undermined

Let’s stop wishing for youthfulness and return to embrace the ages we’ve reached

Let‘s act our age, talk our age, live like we know and appreciate the days we enjoyed

And not try to hold on to what has already been lost in a power struggle to the hands of a newer generation we birthed, that needs the advice of her aunt, mother and older friends instead of struggling for the attention of babies just turned adolescent just turned adults(teens)

Lets spot, let’s not

Let’s listen, let’s learn

Let’s heed and hearken

To the whimpers at night of girls once us, going through troubles we never had to deal with

Cyber-bulling, ever increasing need to be brighten, lighten and whiten skins

Prettier than dolls, mirror mirror on our walls

Television and our malls

Creating the pictures, videos and thoughts we are supposed to be at war with

And so the fight for equality begins

Born female, so does that make me weaker?

Born smaller, so does that make me lesser?

Does being this gender mean being forced into a mold of suppression?

Is there really a war? What are we fighting for?

Are we on the battle field sleeping and playing with rights?

What are we contending for?

More rights for more fights

In the battle for equality

The quality of our lives lies not how we are  priced.

But the price we put on ourselves

Fighting for the man, fighting us

For getting the boys these men will become

Gets us stacks of paperwork leading to nowhere

The underlying power of the women at work

The women feared and respected

Is an individual cross we should bear

Changing laws doesn’t change our hearts as changing minds would change our heart

Loving power gives no power

But having value instills power… embracing power, purchasing power

Stop chasing power

Teach your baby to become a man

Teach than man to treat a woman

For answer lies not in the problems we find but the lessons we learn

Teach them the hidden codes of conduct that controls the land

Understanding the rules and putting them to good use

For our sakes

For the sakes of our babies

For the sake of our futures

Let’s be the heroines of our times

We don’t have be on cnn or times, to be recognized

The next set of deborah’s, queen amina’s, queen sheba’s, candince

Because respect is not an outer appearance of female or not

Respect is the a power to value who you are.

Let’s lead other to a better way

So we can all be treated right

Because children carry on only what they see

To be heard and seen and recognized

Late New Years Greeting

Hey, It’s been a long time coming. Happy New Year btw, no matter how late in January we are.
New Year, new leaf, new dedication to my blog going for the leap.
This isn’t my normal type of post but just had to write about it. So, I just came across this rap artist, Gemstones. Not to blow his trumpet or anything but he is DOPE! I haven’t stopped listening to his entire ABLUM! It’s been on repeat for the entire week.
In His words “murdering everything Igets on and leaving murder scenes every time I perform…”
And true to his words… he simply cuts to the heart with sharp truths that just bleeds all over his mix tapes. He took Adele’s ‘rolling in the deep’ sound track and spat a hurricane all over it. He literally rained over whatever fire she had going on in her heart.
GemStones (aka Gemini), for those not familiar, gained popularity in the music industry as he came up through the ranks on Lupe Fiasco’s imprint label 1st and 15th Entertainment. He has since released his second free album after leaving Lupe’s label and giving his life to God.
GemStones was featured on a few songs on each of Lupe Fiasco’s hit albums ‘Food & Liquor’, and ‘The Cool’. GemStones utilized the platform that he and Lupe built, and released his single “We On” feat. Lupe Fiasco & Pooh Bear. The song garnered a huge buzz.

To get his album, latest releases and other artists go to




My Heart and a Stake

Story of Christmas

One day long ago Mary a virgin  took





a poem of my NYSCexperience



I am misunderstanding what I once understood

You are misrepresenting what I proudly stood for

Misunderstanding these misconceptions

chopping truths in half

turning lies to white lies,

fairy tales to dreams that can’t be aspired.

You can never have me

I can never be yours

So why invest in a project we will never profit from

Perhaps the picture you see is one I’m not seeing please Mr help me see what isn’t there.

Because your dream is fast becoming my passion

Words of reasons slowly ring past my ears I can hear no one

We are deliberately hurting others and calling it sweet

Knock knock, who’s there? the little girl who forgot her speech in an accident she forgot

and now she forgets how to speak up for herself.

Things are happening to her that are just beyond her and although knowledge is key, ignorance is sweet bliss

So she looks up to the man she loves and asks him, do you love me?


And he tells her all the things she wants to hear, he recites this lullaby like a song

But before she lets him have her, she asks again “so why don’t you leave me, why don’t you set me free, to love another whom can love me, truly love me and if this is love then why do you insist on having your way and if this is love why do we hide. And people look at me funny. Why do get into trouble every time after I’m with you

Why do feel bad whenever I think of your family, my family.”


Is this love or another excuse we use.

To turn hoes, turn into runs babes and innocent sisters turn into hoes

So there is no difference anymore, between right wrong

Because well everybody is doing it.

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